Is this article in The Times right? Has Peckham been reborn?  In lots of ways I think yes. I’ve seen lots of changes in the last few years, especially as the ‘East Dulwich vibe’ slowly spreads… More cafe’s and independent shops would be amazing (and a decent florist!).

But Peckham has a vibrancy and mix/clash of cultures that I hope doesn’t change. We’ve got Biritsh, Jamaican, Nigerian, Indians, Pakistanis, Greeks, Polish & Turkish people all living next door to each other. That co-habitation is what makes it special. At the moment no one can afford to move on so we’re stuck with each other for the forseeable future.

In fact Southwark Council have launched Future Peckham just this week. They’re asking local residence to come up with ideas of how they’d like Peckham to be in 20 years. What changes would they like see? I’m going to have a good long think about that, and I’ll post my wish list later this week.