The Venice Biennale is the most important and prestigious event in the art calender. It attracts the world’s leading critics, dealers, artists and collectors. Apparently The Peckham Pavilion, a temporary outpost of the emerging Hannah Barry gallery in Peckham, is causing a bit of a sensation out there at the moment… Hoorah!

The Times has said that Hannah Barry, founded the London gallery last year with Sven Münder, before that she spent four years working in arts PR after completing a degree in history of art from the University of Cambridge.

Taking part-time jobs to make ends meet and with no financial backing, the pair have put on more than 30 shows, including a recent exhibition of eight painters in the West End. The gallery is now on the radar of some of the most important people in the art world. This despite Peckham’s undeniable, and they believe undeserved, reputation for crime and urban decay.

Well I’ve never even heard of Hannah’s gallery BUT I’ll be paying her a visit soon. Great to hear of Peckham locals doing so well.