We went to see the BP Portrait Awards show last night at the National Portrait Gallery. I think I’ve been every year for the last 3-4 years, and its always good. Even though the winner’s already been decided we played a little game and picked our own winners.

This was my husbands – Broken heart by Donald MacDonald 

donald macdonald

And this was mine – Ruth by Isobel Peachey

isobel peachey

There are always a lot of extremely photo-realistic portraits but I just don’t find them interesting. Of course I respect the amazing skill and technique involved in producing something so detailed, but I can’t help thinking… whynot just take a photo if you’re going to make it that real? The paintings we picked as our favourites have texture and depth, and some detail is left for your mind to fill in.

Another game we played is which painting would we have up in our house.

We both seperately picked this one – Virgina by Erin Wozniak

Erin Wozniak

Its a painting of the artisits grandmother. I like it because its quite a small and fragile painting. Kind of how I imagine the woman in it.