My life these past few weeks has been;

Workmen in the kitchen and nursery

Cleaning and cleaning again after the workmen have gone and come back

New yoga classes

Buying prams, baby sheets & blankets, bright white babygrows & vests and all sorts of creams and lotions

Antenatal classes

Painting shelves

Trying to find a nice changing bag and failing

Reading up on how to be a good parent

Knitting my baby blanket (still!)

Making Christmas present lists but not actually buying anything yet

Unpacking the kitchen now that the work has finished

Clearing our basement of junk we’ve not looked at in 2 years

Making up the nursery

It doesn’t look like much does it? But for some reason it’s taken up 2 weeks of my time?! My husband and I now have just one weekend left on our own before Harper arrives. Every second counts. I’m going to book a great restaurant for next weekend and try and keep the trips to B&Q down to a minimum. It’s time to relax. The calm before the storm…