I thought I’d share a couple of my baby essentials now that Harper’s 7 months old and I can safely call myself a ‘pro mum’.

1. Thermos mug

Now this may seem a strange object and not baby related at all, but let me tell you… I spent the first few weeks of  Harper’s life leaving practically full cups of cold tea around the house because every time I started a cuppa I got way laid doing something else other than drink it. My husband had the genius idea to buy this mug and it was a life saver!

2. A swaddling blanket

We got given one as a present and thought we wouldn’t use it. How wrong we were… Thank you Jodie.

3. Melobaby changing wallet

This little wallet is great because you can store a couple of nappies, some nappy bags and wipes in one handy pack. And it has a soft fleece changing mat that can be washed. It saves carting your whole pram bag to the toilet every time you need to change a little ones bum.

4. Blackout blinds

When Harper was born it was winter which meant lovely dark mornings and evenings, essential for sleeping babies. When summer came and it got light earlier in the mornings we hit upon 4-5am wake ups. Not good! These blinds are basically a velcro strip that you stick along your windows, the blind fabric then attaches directly onto the velcro thereby sealing the whole window from light. No more 5am wake ups :-)

5. Sophie the giraffe

A 40 year old French teething toy. The best on the market by far.