We’ve just come back from 2 glorious weeks in Ibiza. After visiting it for the last 9 years running I wish I could say I was over this little island but I’m already looking forward to going back next year! Granted our holidays there with Harper are very different to what they used to be, I’m seeing a whole new side of the island now. But 9 years in a row? What’s wrong with me? I love travel and adventure and trying new cultures. But I also love knowing where I’m going, where to get the best paella and fresh bread, and I like seeing the little changes year after year. Add to that the worlds best clubs and dj’s and you’ve (still) got my prefect holiday destination!

Anyway I thought I’d share a couple of my Ibiza secrets.

The first is Cala Vadella. The gorgeous little beach where we stay. It’s a local, family beach. No loud music. Just calm aqua water and a couple of restaurants really. Perfect for lazy days playing in the sand and catching some rays.

My second secret is a new one for us this year. La Paloma. It’s a rustic garden restaurant in the middle of the island run by an Italian family. The food is amazing. They use vege’s from their own garden and every dish was simple but incredibly tasty. A MUST visit. Book a table in the garden.

My last insider tip isn’t a really secret at all.. In fact it was THE place to lunch at last year when it opened.  El Chiringuito on Es Cavellet beach didn’t disapoint, it’s a cool beach club with good food and drinks. It is very expensive though, 20 euro’s for a burger? But the service and location is amazing. I guess that’s what you pay for.