For a long time now I’ve been thinking about redecorating our bedroom. It’s over 3 years old and the colour is feeling a little jaded and bland. What better excuse is there than we’re about to share our space with a new baby! And as we haven’t decided yet if she’ll have her own room or share with Harper, I feel she should at least have a brand spanking new first bedroom with her mom and pop.

So as of next week we are going dark, dramatic and sensuous. I’m thinking Abigail Ahern…..


Gorgeous, rich and (yes you guessed it) grey. I just love every room in her house.

There’s not too much changing in our bedroom; the walls are being painted and the blinds dyed (fingers crossed it works!), we still love the bed and other furniture so that’s all staying. We are going to have to re think the lighting though as it’s a little dark already. We’re taking some inspiration from the room (below) we stayed in at Soho House New York when we got married, and we’re going to get a big George Nelson bubble lamp.

Very exciting!

Photo’s of Abigail Ahern’s house from Design Sponge & The Selby