Travel with baby & toddler

After doing a long haul trip to Thailand at Christmas with a 10 month old baby and a nearly 3 year old, I thought I’d pass on a couple of my travel kit essentials. These are items we took with us and couldn’t have done without. If you’re planning a long haul trip with a couple of kids in tow listen up my friends….

1. Silly Bibs silicone bib
This may sound stupid, of course you’re going to take a bib. Or even 2. But trust me when i say I’ve bought hundreds of the bloody things and these really are the best. They are soft so roll up really easily without curling (like the tomee tippee ones), and they hang open. I’ll say it again, ‘they hang open!’ A revelation! I’ve wasted so much money on bibs that hang shut and are totally useless. These really work. Oh and they come in lots of different animal patterns and look cool.

2. Summer infant place mat
A very clever place mat that we use everyday, it has a built in scoop to catch mess at mealtimes. Ivy is at the self feeding stage and this meant that where ever we were, in a hotel restaurant or a beach shack I could put this down in front of her and know it was clean for her to eat from. This also rolls up which is so handy when you’re on the go.

3. Phil & Teds metoo high chair
This was without a doubt the MOST essential kit that we took away with us. So many times we’d go to eat out in Thailand and they just wouldn’t have a high chair. Carrying this little chair meant where ever we went we were covered. It’s so easy to use, you just attach it to the side of the table. I mean I love holding Ivy but let me tell you I’d rather she be sat comfortably next to me in her own chair! Especially at dinner time. We borrowed ours to go away with. You should beg, borrow or steal one! Or failing that just buy one.

4. Maclaren Quest buggy
At home we have a double Phil & Teds buggy to get around, its great but impossible for any kind of serious travelling. We took the plunge and decided Harper would be fine without a seat all the time so bought this Maclaren. I can’t recommend it highly enough. It’s lightweight, reclines flat, is really easy to manouvere and is super easy to fold up and down.

5. Lascal maxi buggyboard
To give Harper’s little legs a break we also used this buggyboard. Am so pleased we did. Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok is huge! There is always so much walking between gates and passport control etc. and we were travelling way past his bed time. This is essential kit for a toddler.

6. Eastpack rucksack
We did lots of research into backpacks, we wanted one a bit bigger than normal but still able to go on as hand luggage. This is the perfect size. Here’s a really important tip when doing any long haul travel with kids -Take an outfit change for everyone in your hand luggage. Not only to cover you in case your hold baggage gets lost but in case of accidents. Ivy threw up all over my husband with 30 mintutes of getting on the plane, then when we arrived in Bangkok Harper had a little (er, no BIG) accident and he had to be completely changed too.  This rucksack fitted not only outfits for 4 people but swimmers, flip flops, ivy’s sleep bag, night vests, nappies, a spare bottle and milk. And the all important iPad. Another essential when travelling. But am guessing you know that already…