It’s no secret how amazing the Peckham art scene is, there are reports every other week about it. But I had no idea how extensive it is until I went to the Pick Me Up show at Somerset House last week. There were so many studio’s from Peckham! Here are a couple of picked out.

Day Job is an illustration collective made up of 10 recent graduates from Camberwell College of Art.



Heygate Estate by Daniel Clarke

club sega

Club Sega by Charlotte Mei

The Peckham Print Studio at The Sunday Painter is a great space that you can hire directly by the hour to produce your own works of art, or they run weekly workshops on Saturday’s if you need a bit of help in understanding the printing process. They also have a great online shop for prints.


Rob Lowe


Tom Murphy

And then I spotted a little sign at a bar within the show for these guys… Peckham Pallets

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 14.58.41

peckham pallets

They use recycled pallets to create cool furniture.