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A new cafe in Peckham isn’t big news, they seem to be opening every other day now. But today I walked through Peckham Rye Station and saw a gorgeous looking space being fitted out in the arches next to the cycle hub. I saw a coffee machine. I saw exposed bricks. The builder mouthed through the doors it would be opening in 2 weeks. It’s the first sign of the regeneration of the new station area and I’m excited! Watch this space.


Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 14.36.34

It’s that time of year again. The Peckham Fete rolls into town tomorrow, Saturday from 12 noon to 5pm.

See you on the Rye for the dog show, book stall, warm beer and of course a slice of cake.


There’s another new addition to the Peckham coffee scene…. The Cinnamon Tree Bakery!

Housed on Peckham High St in an old corner pub they’ve nailed the Amsterdam coffee bar feel perfectly. And I have to say they do a mean flat white and some killer cookies.


And WOW they also do ice cream sundaes. My prayers have been answered.

Welcome Cinnamon Tree Bakery


I’m very excited about the new Peckham Refreshment Rooms on Blenheim Grove. It’s a bar and restaurant that’s open from 7am till after midnight. Yippeeeeeee!



Opened by the same team behind Franks Bar this is a very welcome addition to area. We need a local restaurant that serves great food and we need a bar that’s for grown ups (sorry Bar Story but you’re full of kids).

I don’t think it’s going to disappoint. Food looked amazing when I popped in today. There was a lentil salad on the bar and homemade pizza. On the specials boards were gorgeous sounding sandwiches like fennel, salami and tapenade. The dinner menu can be downloaded here and is chocablock with sicilian aubergine and borlotti beans, duck confit and rosemary carrots, and for pudding how about a pot au chocolate. Yum.

I’ll report back when I’ve tasted it all.

Welcome Peckham Refreshment Rooms.

It’s no secret how amazing the Peckham art scene is, there are reports every other week about it. But I had no idea how extensive it is until I went to the Pick Me Up show at Somerset House last week. There were so many studio’s from Peckham! Here are a couple of picked out.

Day Job is an illustration collective made up of 10 recent graduates from Camberwell College of Art.



Heygate Estate by Daniel Clarke

club sega

Club Sega by Charlotte Mei

The Peckham Print Studio at The Sunday Painter is a great space that you can hire directly by the hour to produce your own works of art, or they run weekly workshops on Saturday’s if you need a bit of help in understanding the printing process. They also have a great online shop for prints.


Rob Lowe


Tom Murphy

And then I spotted a little sign at a bar within the show for these guys… Peckham Pallets

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 14.58.41

peckham pallets

They use recycled pallets to create cool furniture.


Just when you ask what’s going on… One of the best online guides to everything cool and cultured does an article on Peckham and the best it has to offer. And I think it’s a sure sign that we’re cool!

Refinery 29 has compiled a great list of who what and where to go.

Why haven’t I heard of Ellie’s Bakehouse yet?

Spring is here! I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to see buds on trees and bulbs in bloom. We made it through another winter!

So with this warmer weather I’ve started thinking about coming out of hibernation. What’s happening in Peckham? Fill me in??


Watch out. There’s some good bacon about!

Flock and Herd’s ‘Treacle Back Bacon’ has won the Overall Champion Title at the South of England Bpex Butcher Roadshow. No idea what that is, but their bacon sounds amazing! Am going to get some this Easter weekend. Here’s hoping the weather turns (dear God) so we can cook it on the bar b.

peckham alphabet

I just found the Peckham Alphabet!

By illustrator Menna Jenkins this alphabet has been made using the familiar colours of burger and fried chicken shops in the area, and there are many references  to life in SE15. Each letter needs a second look, the letter P has the silhouette of a tower block in the background and the letter T can be compared with the abandoned empty cans of Tennants lager.

peckham alphabet4

peckham alphabet3

peckham alphabet5

peckham alphabet2

She says, the signage of Peckham is not subtle, and nor are my letters.

She’s not wrong.

I like them.


Finally. A flat white in Peckham.

Welcome Mouse Tail coffee. I’ve been waiting for you.

You can find the mouse tail van in Peckham Square, selling coffee and some mean looking slices of rocky road.


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