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It’s no secret how amazing the Peckham art scene is, there are reports every other week about it. But I had no idea how extensive it is until I went to the Pick Me Up show at Somerset House last week. There were so many studio’s from Peckham! Here are a couple of picked out.

Day Job is an illustration collective made up of 10 recent graduates from Camberwell College of Art.



Heygate Estate by Daniel Clarke

club sega

Club Sega by Charlotte Mei

The Peckham Print Studio at The Sunday Painter is a great space that you can hire directly by the hour to produce your own works of art, or they run weekly workshops on Saturday’s if you need a bit of help in understanding the printing process. They also have a great online shop for prints.


Rob Lowe


Tom Murphy

And then I spotted a little sign at a bar within the show for these guys… Peckham Pallets

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 14.58.41

peckham pallets

They use recycled pallets to create cool furniture.


peckham alphabet

I just found the Peckham Alphabet!

By illustrator Menna Jenkins this alphabet has been made using the familiar colours of burger and fried chicken shops in the area, and there are many references  to life in SE15. Each letter needs a second look, the letter P has the silhouette of a tower block in the background and the letter T can be compared with the abandoned empty cans of Tennants lager.

peckham alphabet4

peckham alphabet3

peckham alphabet5

peckham alphabet2

She says, the signage of Peckham is not subtle, and nor are my letters.

She’s not wrong.

I like them.

Ring Here is an exciting new art space in an old converted Victorian shop, which is also my friend Clara’s living room!

Her opening show is called Drawing on Surface and features the work of Philippa Johnson.

Philippa’s Windows and Whitewash installation forms the centrepiece of the show. It’s created with a drawing technique that wipes away at a whitewashed window surface, revealing a pattern to conceal, or peer through, and casting intricate shadows on the surrounding surfaces. The effect is stunning.

Clara’s manifesto for Ring Here is ‘a gallery in which you can feel at home.’ How amazing would it be to live amongst such beautiful pieces of art?

I thought we had enough posters in our house… until I saw these. I really really really want one. They are 2 of a set of 6 amazing posters from iconic architects by artist Andrea Gallo.

The Peckham art scene is now firmly on the map thanks to the South London Art Map. It charts Bankside, Deptford and Peckham’s coolest galleries and venues in one easy to ready map. You can download it here. SLAM are also collaborating with a number of spaces to hold special Friday night openings.

I’d like this. Please.

Everything I Have, 2008
Pen, paper, scotch tape, white out
60 1/4 X 40 1/8 inches

Via Swiss Miss

We went to see the BP Portrait Awards show last night at the National Portrait Gallery. I think I’ve been every year for the last 3-4 years, and its always good. Even though the winner’s already been decided we played a little game and picked our own winners.

This was my husbands – Broken heart by Donald MacDonald 

donald macdonald

And this was mine – Ruth by Isobel Peachey

isobel peachey

There are always a lot of extremely photo-realistic portraits but I just don’t find them interesting. Of course I respect the amazing skill and technique involved in producing something so detailed, but I can’t help thinking… whynot just take a photo if you’re going to make it that real? The paintings we picked as our favourites have texture and depth, and some detail is left for your mind to fill in.

Another game we played is which painting would we have up in our house.

We both seperately picked this one – Virgina by Erin Wozniak

Erin Wozniak

Its a painting of the artisits grandmother. I like it because its quite a small and fragile painting. Kind of how I imagine the woman in it.

The Venice Biennale is the most important and prestigious event in the art calender. It attracts the world’s leading critics, dealers, artists and collectors. Apparently The Peckham Pavilion, a temporary outpost of the emerging Hannah Barry gallery in Peckham, is causing a bit of a sensation out there at the moment… Hoorah!

The Times has said that Hannah Barry, founded the London gallery last year with Sven Münder, before that she spent four years working in arts PR after completing a degree in history of art from the University of Cambridge.

Taking part-time jobs to make ends meet and with no financial backing, the pair have put on more than 30 shows, including a recent exhibition of eight painters in the West End. The gallery is now on the radar of some of the most important people in the art world. This despite Peckham’s undeniable, and they believe undeserved, reputation for crime and urban decay.

Well I’ve never even heard of Hannah’s gallery BUT I’ll be paying her a visit soon. Great to hear of Peckham locals doing so well.

I spent the afternoon at the Free Range Graduate Art & Design Summer Show at the Truman Brewery. Unfortunately we got our dates a little wrong and the students were still busy setting up for tonight’s private view! But we managed to sneak in and get a good look around. Tonight’s show is from Middlesex University.

It’s on for the next 7 weeks and thousands of students from the UK’s top art and design colleges will exhibit their work.

Well worth a visit.


Yesterday was my birthday, and I had such a lovely day!

I got taken to lunch at The Herne Tavern on Peckham Rye. It’s one of my favourite pubs around here by far. The food is always good and going mid week meant it was very quiet. We went on a Sunday a few weeks back and it was bedlam! The childrens play area was totally over run! Anyway over the next few days they have a real ale beer festival, they’ve built a bar in the garden and there are lots of activities planned. Pop in and have a look.

After that I went into town to meet a friend for a surprise birthday treat… a visit to the Picasso exhibition at the National Gallery. I’ve seen so many of his paintings over the years in books or on TV but never in one show. It was fascinating to see how his work evolved over the years. Strangely my favourite painting was called ‘large bather’. It looks quite crude in the picture below but in the flesh (no pun intended!) it’s beautiful.

large bather

My day ended with dinner at Ceconni’s with my husband. Now this is how a ALL restaurants should be. Gorgeous interiors, fabulous food and attentive staff.

Picture 1

Why can’t every day be my birthday?


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