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Take one plain ikea planter. A roll of masking tape. And some white paint.

Put them together and you’ve got one cool garden planter*

*i think!

Photo from Design Sponge

I just know we’ve made the right choice in lighting for our new bedroom when I see photo’s like this!

Our new bubble lamp has arrived YIPPEE! While I wait to put it up I wondered how these beautiful lights were made, and I’ve found these photo’s from a tour of the factory on the Modernica blog.

The wires are bent and attached by hand

Completed frame ready for spraying

First sprayed on vinyl layer

More layers

Inside the saucer

Up close

Saucer lamps curing

Photo from Design Sponge

LOVE these lights! Can’t wait to get ours up.

What a nice way to start a new year… with a new bathroom! Half the reason for my lack of posts is this project took longer than I thought it would (of course) and I wanted to wait and show you the finished pictures.

After a year of washing in the bath I can’t tell you how good having a working shower is. We’re going to design a cabinet to replace the temporary Ikea shelves but apart from that and maybe some art for the walls we are DONE.

Thank the lord. I need another years break before we have any more builders in the house.

I’m embarrassed to admit that for the last 8-9 months we’ve been living with a bathroom/building site. Our shower leaked when Harper was about 6 weeks old and what with one thing and another (i.e. a total lack of time to do anything other than take care of him) we haven’t done anything about it. Until now! I am thrilled to say the builders started work yesterday! I never thought I’d be so happy to have a house full of dust again.

I wish I could find some pictures of what the bathroom looked like before the leak. The only ones I can find are these, they’re from the the day we originally came to view the house!

So we used to have a nice bath on the right as you come into the room, and built in shower area on the left.

Since the leak the bathroom has looked like this;

The whole shower area has literally been… a hole. Totally ripped out and unusable. Thankfully we’ve had the bath to wash in!

Watch this space for how the work is progressing.

I came across these lovely garlands on Sunday Suppers. What a simply gorgeous idea. They’re by Ashley Meaders.

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted any of our DIY antics… Life with a young baby doesn’t leave much time for home improvements! Anyway we’re about to finish off Harper’s nursery and I thought I’d share our progress that started about 8 months ago, before he was born. This is what it used to look like (OK, these were taken mid decorating)…

We painted and had some shelves built into the alcove…

This is what it looks like now…

So the room looks great. But we’ve got a plan for the bare wall behind Harper’s cot. At my baby shower we were given this lovely illustration by Bess Harding

We like it so much we’ve asked Bess to design and paint a mural for us. It’s going to be an explosion of toys that will stretch up onto the ceiling. We’re soooooooo excited about it! Bess is such a talented illustrator I can’t wait to show you the finished result.

I’d really like to wait for EVERYTHING to be finished before I post any photo’s of the kitchen, but I love it all so much I have to get them up now!

The concrete worktop is coming in early January (the week Harper is due!) and we’ve still got to paint and seal the back door and find a new microwave. But apart from that… We. Are. Done.

Was all the stress worth it? The jury’s still out on that one.

I do really love the open shelves though. We had them made by Jon at The Shelving Company who as it turns out has a studio just up the road in Camberwell :-)

Forget the chintzey, fussy & frilly advent calenders of old… and download this free print-and-make-at-home one from Mibo. It takes about 15 mins to make and all you need is a rular, craft knife and a glue stick. Done.

Who’d have thought that such a small space could cause so many problems! I think if I had known how stressful doing the kitchen was going to be I’d definitely have put it off.

But we’re at the half way stage. We’ve got shelves to go up, the back door to seal, black drawers to replace the mistakenly ordered wood effect ones (thank you Wickes!), painting to do and the concrete worktop to come in about 5 weeks.

Will all the pain be worth it?


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