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There’s been an awful lot of crafting going on here this week.

Farrow and Ball pumpkins? Whatever next!






We’re on the move. After nearly 12 years in Peckham it’s time to say goodbye.

I want to remember this house. It’s been my home and sanctuary, it’s the only house Harper and Ivy know! We’ll be very sad to leave but I know we’re ready for it.

When you live somewhere a long time you get to know every nook and cranny. Where you like to curl up and read a magazine, where the light is best in the morning, maybe just a view through a window. I’ve decided to try and record some of my favourite spots around the house so I don’t forget them. I want to remember how much I love this house.


I’ve been meaning to post a picture of our George Nelson bubble lamp, for like ever!
It’s safe to say it was the best buy ever! A big room needs a big light.

Forgive this post being 3 months late. Better late than never!

For Ivy’s first birthday party we had brunch for just a handful of close friends. It was perfect.

The night before we were up till the wee hours making pom poms.


ivy birthday


I made my mum’s banana loaf and a beautifully light white chocolate gateau.


How hard is it to find a party dress that isn’t pink?


This little girl. I love her.


We’ve had these plastic animal masks in the basement for months, today I decided to put them on the wall. How good do they look?!

I’ve been to Abigail Ahern’s house.

Yes, the one in all those amazing pictures. I only have 2 words to describe it.

j a w  d r o p p i n g







I attended her interiors master class ‘from ordinary to extraordinary’. In a day you learn how to transform your home and her tricks of the trade. To be honest you can get all the principles of her decorating style through her blog, but what really made this day special is seeing her ideas in action. If you ever doubted painting your whole house dark, just 2 minutes in there made me want to run home and get the paint brush out. And if you’ve ever worried about pulling out every lamp you own and filling your home in faux flowers… I tell you seeing is believing.  She lives her style and boy does it show.


Check out her new website here.

All photo’s by The Selby

Photo from Design Sponge

I just know we’ve made the right choice in lighting for our new bedroom when I see photo’s like this!

Our new bubble lamp has arrived YIPPEE! While I wait to put it up I wondered how these beautiful lights were made, and I’ve found these photo’s from a tour of the factory on the Modernica blog.

The wires are bent and attached by hand

Completed frame ready for spraying

First sprayed on vinyl layer

More layers

Inside the saucer

Up close

Saucer lamps curing

Photo from Design Sponge

LOVE these lights! Can’t wait to get ours up.

For a long time now I’ve been thinking about redecorating our bedroom. It’s over 3 years old and the colour is feeling a little jaded and bland. What better excuse is there than we’re about to share our space with a new baby! And as we haven’t decided yet if she’ll have her own room or share with Harper, I feel she should at least have a brand spanking new first bedroom with her mom and pop.

So as of next week we are going dark, dramatic and sensuous. I’m thinking Abigail Ahern…..


Gorgeous, rich and (yes you guessed it) grey. I just love every room in her house.

There’s not too much changing in our bedroom; the walls are being painted and the blinds dyed (fingers crossed it works!), we still love the bed and other furniture so that’s all staying. We are going to have to re think the lighting though as it’s a little dark already. We’re taking some inspiration from the room (below) we stayed in at Soho House New York when we got married, and we’re going to get a big George Nelson bubble lamp.

Very exciting!

Photo’s of Abigail Ahern’s house from Design Sponge & The Selby

This amazing house is in Melbourne. What I wouldn’t do for that lounge/terrace! I just love the idea of having a big door to open out onto some lush greenery. And their cool mid century furniture is to die for.

Images from Design Attractor. My new must see interiors blog. Every house featured here is amazing.


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