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The Peckham Palais has a long and distinguished history in Peckham. It was once a high end department store and then an ill fated R&B club. Now 15 years later its re-opening under the hand of two of South London’s finest young art curators. From tomorrow night we will have our very own art space/club/live music venue!! Read an interview with the guys here. And check out the opening night’s details here.


I know I’m about 6 months behind every one else… but I’m loving The xx’s album. And I’m in danger of playing it way too much.


Ooooo a proper warehouse party, in Peckham! If I wasn’t 7 months pregnant I’d be going to this. But who are the Peckham Audio Club? I’m on a mission to find out…

mayer hawthorne

This has been a week of musical extremes! Monday night was world music and orchestras at the Barbican. And last night was Mayer Hawthorne at the Oueen of Hoxton. Have you heard of Mayer yet? He’s from Detroit and has a really unique soul/60’s mowtown/Do Wop sound. He had the whole place rocking! He’s a very talented young man. The Queen of Hoxton is such a cool venue too. Very small and initmate, with people sanding on chairs and along ledges to get a good view. A great gig!

We went to the Barbican last night for the British Councils 75th Anniversary. It was a night celebrating their work and some amazing musical collaborations. In the first half we heard some African blues, 2 beautiful Scottish and Arabic singers, and then the Guillemots vs the Penguin Cafe Orchestra. The second half was Matthew Herbert Big Band with Eska and the Goldsmith Vocal Ensemble. WOW! Loved every minute of it. Matthew is a genius, he mixes and samples live on stage and plays it back to create beats and sounds. He got the choir to rip newspapers, flick their teeth (!) and blow into water bottles. And Eska is without a doubt one of my favourite singers of all time. She has the voice of an angel. If you want to check out their album together it’s on spotify, search for Matthew Herbert There’s Me & There’s You. Enjoy.

I went to see Lionel Richie at the O2 on Saturday night. WOW the guy is amazing. Still belting out songs after all these years, and his voice is as strong as ever. The O2 was a strange place though, I wasn’t expecting to see so many bars and restaurants there, and likewise so many people going there for a night out. Strange…




My husband introduces me to the most amazing music. He brought home ‘For Emma Forever Ago’ by Bon Iver a couple of weeks ago, and I can’t stop playing it. It’s a beautiful album. I loved it even before he told me that the lead guy broke up with his girlfriend and took himself off to his dads hunting cabin in the woods of Wisconsin to record this album – on his own. He sings every note and plays every instrument himself. Amazing.



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