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We’ve never liked those traditional studio portraits of children (you know the ones; white backdrop cheesy best dressed smiles) but we did want to have some photos taken professionally so we could give them to family as gifts. A friend recommended we use Lol Johnson who’s not only local, but a very nice lady too. She came to our house and found a couple of good backgrounds which I think makes the shots feel more natural.

I’m sorry I know I’m biased… But Ivy is beautiful isn’t she?



Harper was in a particularly unhelpful mood the morning of the photo shoot, in fact he down right refused to pose for the camera (joy!). Somehow Lol still managed to get a couple of crackers though! I love these photos of him.




I’ve been clearing out my old emails and came across a great post from Habitually Chic that I just had to share with you. It was about a book called Animal House by Catherine Ledner.


It’s a magical fantasy book that mixes vintage and discontinued wallpapers from the 1930’s and 40’s with the most strange and beautiful animals.

The author Catherine Ledner is a well know portraitist and commercial photographer. The New York Times said “she became fascinated by the idea of using wallpaper patterns in animal portraiture, and her book, “Animal House,” is the result”.


All the animals came with their trainers. Apparently the deer came to the studio twice. Once to check it out and and then again for the shoot.


Every single shot is beautiful and so well composed.


I wouldn’t say the vulture is in my top favourite list of animals but this image is fantastic.

Animal House is going on my wish list for sure.


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