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Last month we went to Paris for the weekend, to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. It was a bit of a feasting trip as all we did really was eat our way around town. We had the most expensive breakfast I’ve ever had at the Hotel Costes, but WOW was it worth it. That hotel is stunning. Our anniversary dinner was at L’Avenue. I’d definitely recommend it for a a special occaison if you’re ever in Paris. We sat outside over looking Dior and the Eiffel Tower eating lobster pasta, bliss. We also made it to the Rose Bakery which was lovely.

Walking around the Marais we spotted this stenciled on the floor…


What a great reminder that a year ago we married in NYC. Happy days.



I put up a post in Greece using the WordPress application for the iphone… great idea…. but look at the pictures! They’re tiny!

The iphone camera is bad but its not that bad. The images could be larger and higher quality, no? Some work to be done here i think WordPress.


I just went onto Amazon to add Animal House to my wish list and saw that you can buy it for £2.09! So bugger the wish list, I’ve ordered it.

WordPress generate some links when you add a post, click this link to see even more great images from the book. Can’t wait till it arrives!

You can now subscribe to my blog by registering your email. Hit the subscribe text on the left. This means you’ll get an email every time I update my blog and will save you checking it. Clever huh?!

I had lunch with a friend yesterday who said she loved my blog but though it was a bit too positive and I should write a little more about things that I don’t like. Now I know this is quite literal but just in case you’re interested…

I don’t like;

* grey skies

* moths

* the last track of the night

* feeling far away from my family

* the fact that you cant buy a decent bunch of flowers in peckham

* waiting for my husband to come home from work

* my beautiful bike being in the basement

* the end of a really good book

* liver (yuk)

* always having cold hands and feet

That should do it! For now.

How great does this film look?!

Thanks DR

…this shop


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